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This is a miniature oracle that I use when playing my solo game, which is a mix of Ironsworn and D&D 5e (see Ironsworn + D&D 5e for more details). I decided to share it for the Solo Jam.

It is based heavily on the Mythic System by Tana Pigeon and Ironsworn by Shawn Tomkin, as well as much inspiration from Jeansen Vaars. The main Fate check is based on the Motif Story Engine

There is a document attached called "alternate_fate_check.pdf" that explains how it works and gives some examples. I like this method because the answer can be determined at a glance, with no math or table lookups needed, provides Yes/No with And/But, does Random Events and Invalid Assumptions (like the Recluse Oracle), and does likelihood via advantage/disadvantage.

The downside is that Fate dice are not as common, but TOFU has a clever way to turn any d6 with pips into Fate dice if you don't have any:

The oracle itself ("juice_mini.pdf") is provided as a 2 page PDF, intended to be printed double-sided so there is a single sheet of paper with everything you need on it. In addition, there is a second PDF provided ("juice_mini_two_per_page.pdf") that prints everyone on one side, which is then folded in half to make a smaller sheet. When printing on US Letter and folding in half, it fits nicely inside of an A5 binder. If you go this route, I recommend printing the "quest_generator.pdf" on the other side so you can unfold and use it when needed.

I also made some playing cards based on this oracle:

In addition to the values from the pdf, the playing cards have some Ironsworn results, an abstract icon derived from Rory's Story Cubes, and random dice rolls at the bottom. (The behavior check was added to the pdf after I printed the cards, so it is not present. However, the blue "action" value can be used for an NPC behavior).

This is intended to be used in a similar way to the Game Master's Apprentice Deck. Using this, I have been able to play quickly without rolling dice or doing table lookups.

Here is a description of everything on the cards:

The files "front_1.png" through "back_3.png" are the exact files I sent to Print and Play Games for printing. Use that link, select "Print Double Sided", and upload the images. You will need to do this 3 times (3 separate items in your cart) for a total of 54 physical cards (double sided means 108 unique faces). It came out to about $9 before shipping on standard gloss.

The card values are chosen such that at least one of each value from the oracle pdf is present. For example, the 1d100 has all 100 values, every adverb / adjective / verb / noun from the meaning tables are on the cards at least once, etc. There are 60 unique abstract icons, and random events occur at an 11% rate (so 12 of the cards have a random event listed).

As a bonus, I also included a quest generator, in case you need a way to quickly set up an adventure. If you need a map, check out Watabou's Map Generators.

Since this is based heavily on the work of others (most notably Tana Pigeon), I will never charge money for this. If you wish to support any future work on this, please support Tana's Mythic Magazines.

Thank you!


back_1.png 511 kB
back_2.png 507 kB
back_3.png 514 kB
front_1.png 496 kB
front_2.png 506 kB
front_3.png 495 kB
juice_mini.pdf 511 kB
juice_mini_two_per_page.pdf 372 kB
quest_generator.pdf 231 kB
alternate_fate_check.pdf 122 kB


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I think this is the best oracle system I've ever come across. Well done! You've successfully melded the best aspects of the best oracles out there. I'm definitely going to be employing this for my own sessions. I think this is the system I would have tried to craft for myself if I had the mind for it.

Have you considered doing a Science Fiction version based on Starforged?

Thanks! That means a lot :)

I don't have any plans to make a Sci-Fi version at the moment.